Part III: What the past can teach us about the future

What a computer “sees” when interpreting map data.

The world of mapping has changed dramatically over the past twenty years and we find ourselves living through a time where we can clearly see how these technical innovations laid the groundwork for future use cases and product development. Although the mapping space is often segmented into categories such as Enterprise Data Warehouse Software or Transportation Management Software, next-generation mapping will be part of the Media and Information Services industry with vertical ties to Augmented Reality, Mobility Tech, Mobile-First Technology, and SaaS. …

Pt. II: How FAANG continues to shape the mapping industry

Mapbox was an early innovator in mapping technology, but the market has changed with deep-pocketed entrants who have taken what the open-source community (OSM) has learned and what Mapbox started and remixed it into their own.

Enter Amazon Location Services

In 2020, Amazon Location Services (ALS) launched to enable developers to add location data to applications — directly threatening Mapbox’s core underlying business. ALS enables organizations to embed capabilities including points of interest, maps, geocoding, routing, geofencing, and asset tracking. Similar to Mapbox — both in terms of product capabilities…

Pt I: How Google forever changed maps

Mapping technology, which leverages GPS and Earth Observation data, has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, so much so that we trust it implicitly even when it’s not perfect. Case in point, the examples of GPS directions taking drivers on wild journeys through parks and lakes. But even with its current imperfections, innovations in mapping have undoubtedly changed our lives for the better and generated attractive investor returns along the way. To better understand where future opportunities may exist, let’s look back at where it all began.

In the 1990s there were a…

Founded in 2020, Sync Computing is engineering a new paradigm in cloud orchestration.

Authored by: Chelsea Goddard, Stuart Farris, and Stephanie Wenclawski

Sync promises to optimize cloud resources at every step of computation.
  • Sync Computing aims to revolutionize how companies orchestrate their compute with the invention of the Sync Platform.
  • Their patented technology has led to a breakthrough in solving complex optimization problems.
  • With the development of their Optimization Processing Unit, which can outperform modern chip architectures the team aims to disrupt the world’s biggest industries including scientific simulations, financial modeling, machine learning and more.


When we think about modern industry it is often in the context of services. A rideshare company makes it convenient for someone to quickly and efficiently order a car…

Founded in 2015, Carbic deploys sensor technology to the oil patch to reduce operating costs and GHG emissions.

By: Chelsea Goddard & Stuart Farris

A nodding donkey rig pumps crude oil up from the ground on an oil field


Carbic brings machine learning (ML) and Internet of Things (IoT) innovation to the oil patch to simultaneously reduce operating costs and GHG emissions.

  • Their sensors allow oil and gas producers to catch wasteful leaks that account for hundreds of millions in lost revenue annually and reduce overall operational costs.
  • Their sensors provide real-time flow volume, pressure, and temperature information that oil and gas companies can use to optimize their operations, reducing production costs, and emitting less GHG in the process.


The rapidly growing share of fossil fuel, electric utility, and automotive companies adopting ambitious…

C16 Biosciences is a three-year old startup working to create a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to conflict palm oil.

Forests cleared for oil palm plantations in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.


Product Promise: Create a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to conflict palm oil using innovative processes found in nature.

  • C16 Biosciences is a three-year old startup that has developed proprietary technology to brew a sustainable alternative to palm oil from microbes.
  • The company aims to replace all palm oil in the supply chain that is linked to deforestation — a volume that stands at about 3 million metric tons per year and could scale to roughly 11% of the total addressable market over the next five years.
  • With a recent $20 million Series A led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures, announced March…

Chelsea Goddard

Founder of Apex Haus. Writing about early-stage startups solving hard problems.

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